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Quality Assurance and Testing

Is it keeping with the changes? Is it still fit for purpose?

Cognizant is constantly challenging QA and Testing, to one end: to deliver great business outcomes in a transforming world. Everyday, Cognizant's solutions, services and people are helping organizations rethink Quality Engineering & Assurance as they reimagine business models, reinvent customer experiences and redefine digital and mobility globally and for better business outcomes.

Seeings Things Differently

So much opportunity if the quality is right.

If you get the customer experience right, the business success will follow. But how do you keep it right?

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Seeing Things Differently

Change the way IT programs are delivered.

See QA as more than a costly process that brings little value and risks delivery deadlines.

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Cognizant Named as “Market Leader”

Cognizant stands out for how it articulates the implications of end-to-end responsibility around testing.

Everest PEAK Matrix for Testing Services

Cognizant’s ecosystem based approach to quality stands out from the rest.

Quality for the Digital Enterprise

The 2017 QE&A Summit brought testing experts and thought leaders together to discuss on delivering Quality at Speed for the digital enterprise.

Quality@Speed: Putting Quality in the Fast Lane

At the ninth edition of Cognizant QualitE Convention, analysts, IT and QA Leaders joined to deliberate on ways to achieve Quality@Speed

Cognizant QE&A

Cognizant’s Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) is an independent business unit within Cognizant that addresses end-to-end quality needs of today’s digital enterprises. Cognizant’s intelligent and automated approach to QA, driven by business process-aligned test strategy and network-effect platforms, creates quality-led market differentiation. With more than 650 clients across industry verticals and a global footprint, Cognizant QE&A is a recognized thought leader in Quality Assurance.

Better Outcome Continous improvement, it demands constantly better Quality Assurance and testing. See how movie quality measures earlier in the development lifecycle can create savings advantage.

Better means employing new engineering techniques and tools that promote quality and deliver real business process change. Better insists you Shift Up as well as Shift Left, and focus on whole lifecycle not end-of-lifecycle. Better dictates on-demand, in-cloud, as-a-service and everything-agile.

Better is what Cognizant delivers.

The Future of QA

Enterprises now need to focus on Business Assurance versus Quality Assurance and understand the customer’s business goals and outcomes.

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Business Assurance vs Quality Assurance

Today it is not about the functionality of a software application, but about the brand within the context of the application.

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Quality across the whole lifecycle

The technology change is forcing newer business models and so are customer demographics with more millennials in the fray now.

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Better Solutions

Proliferation: of business models, of business processes, of business possibilites - that's what we see.

It's why cognizant goes way beyond simple testing and quality assurance. Our process and quality consulting services enable businesses to capitalise on emerging opportunities. Our assurance and QA infrastructure products align with businesses to asses their quality needs. Plus, our engineering and mobility solutions equip businesses to handle the challenges of the future.

Keep Challenging

The world is changing faster than ever, creating new opportunities for those who stand ready to seize them.

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